Al-MuQanna’ is a man

In the streets of Doha, we came across Ahmed Mohammad Al Jaber. Also known in Arabic by his alias, Al Muqanna’. As we grew up in Qatar, the sight of his cars and motorbikes always drew our attention outside of our portable video games, and we’d peek from our cars to take a look at this enigma.

In this project, we thought to deliver what we saw from Al Muqanna’ to our viewers. Following him around Doha, we discovered the result of such an eccentricity in a small country such as Qatar. He gave us an exciting insight into how it’s like to be a recognized yet different sight in Qatar. We sought Al Muqanna’ in his majlis, a place where he gathered with other men that had similar interests as his. They watched football games and smoked cigarettes, leaving the place rich with a scent of exciting occurrences.